Went to see Avatar in 3D last night. My first 3D film (and I’m showing my age by admitting I expected to get paper goggles, one with a red, one with a green lens).

Aside from the obvious plot borrowings (I wont go into them in case I reveal any spoilers) and the rubbishness of the name of the mineral “Unobtanium”, I enjoyed it, although I find the “now throw something at the audience” moments a bit lame. Must read up more about the RealD technology behind it. And I’m looking forward to seeing Star Wars in 3D, eventually…

All this to say – my favourite part of the film was a totally minor aside. The bad guy (evil american selfish commander, not the military one but the one played by Phoebe’s brother) was showing people his evil masterplan on a cool holographic display. But of course, he had no idea how to use it and had to get a minion to work the darn thing. Ha.

(The image above is a mashup between Avatar and The Guild’s “do you want to date my avatar”. The Guild is the most successful online comedy series of all time – about computer gamers. Hilarious.)

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