Day of Ideas, Edinburgh University

Hullo from Edinburgh. I’ve quite liderally just given my opening keynote at Digital Scholarship: A Day of Ideas which is a day of

talks and discussions for staff and PhD students in HSS (Humanities and Social Sciences), to inspire and share ideas for digital research, teaching and scholarship. An exciting programme of invited speakers working in the field of digital scholarship will present their ideas and their work.

It is taking place at The Business School at the University of Edinburgh. Full programme is available here. The event is part of the Digital HSS programme of activities at Edinburgh.

I should be listening to the next speaker, but it will take me 10 minutes to come back from the place that I go to when I give the big public lectures. It is quite the out-of-body experience. (Whee! Free Drugs!)

I didnt have the time to write out my lecture long hand to post here. I did consider it – but I’m giving three big talks in the next couple of weeks (after Edinburgh there is Paris and Munich) plus another two guest lectures here tomorrow (since I’m here!) so… sorry, email and regular work (like writing lectures for my students in London!) inbetween lecture writing took precedence. But, fear not – there are livebloggers on the case! Nicola Osborne has pretty much covered what I talked about – almost scared to read through it myself – but here it is.

And now, to refocus on Ethnography as Play by Dr TL Taylor, currently happening as I blog this.

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