DRH Domain Name Fail

I was just wondering where next year’s Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts conference was going to be next year – sadly I missed the Dublin conference this year as I had a friend’s wedding in the diary so didnt hear the announcement about 2010 – but it surprised me I couldnt find the DRH website anywhere.

My mug from DRH 99 clearly says the URL is http://www.drh.org.uk/. Jump to the link to see where that takes you now.
Sigh. When the Digital Humanities community cant do something like renew a domain name….
I would ping the secretary to tell them, but I dont know who it is, as the website is down.
And if anyone knows where DRHA 2010 will be, and when, let me know.
Update; Lou Burnard (who is currently secretary) says DRHA 2010 will be at Brunel, London. London-tastic for the digital humanities this year!

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