Gmail is Going to Block JavaScript (.js) Attachment for Security Reason

From Feb 13, 2017, Gmail will block sending .js (javascript) to someone. According to recent update from G Suite, Gmail currently restrict some file types to attach on mail including .exe, .msc and .bat for security reasons.

Here’s the list of file types that can’t be included as attachment in Gmail:


 Trying to attach these file types to you mail on the Gmail’s web interface would lead triggering an error message which will explain why the attachment is not allowed and an incoming mail with these type of extension  will be bounced back to the sender with n explanation.

It’s important to notice that only Gmail will block these attachments. If you still want to share your codes in the mentioned extensions with someone, you can share via Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage. Still there have several methods to share your codes on these types with your mates.

JavaScript has gained a lot of popularity among the web developers in the recent times for both front and back-end development. However, this lead to the creation of malware that allows hackers to gain the access to perform illegal activities on the victim’s system.

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